How to wear: The Leopard Coat

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Fluffy leopard printed coats, we love them! But it’s easy to go from classy, to trashy… We thought it would be helpful to give you a guideline on how to wear and style this statement item. We did some scrolling on Pinterest and found some very on trend looks that are perfect for this fall/winter.

Are you looking for inspiration on how to style your leopard coat? Or do you need a serious styling guideline? These three tips might give you some new insights!


Tip #1

For the bottom you can go for a simple pair of jeans. No embroidered flowers or anything. Just a simple pair will do! If you are more of a style-daredevil, you can choose for a ripped pair of jeans that will add some power to your look.

For the top you can go for a simple white tshirt, or a tshirt with a (red) quote. We chose to combine the ‘feminist’ tshirt from our store with the leopard coat. It is a simple tshirt but it can be an eycatcher as well. Complete your look with some buckle boots to give it that rocky vibe. You can also go for a pair of boots with high heels, to give it a feminine touch. Last but not least, you can wear some fine gold plated earrings that will finish up the whole look.


Tip #2

For the bottom you can go for a short black skirt, which you can combine with nylons for when it gets colder. Add some classy boots (with heels), and bring out the feminine side of you. Next up, is the top. We went for a black & white horizontally striped tshirt/sweater.

This is more of a bold look. You’re mixing two very different prints, that actually fit very well together. Just look it up on Pinterest. But you must be up for it ofcourse! Then… the finishing touch of this look is a baker’s boy hat. You’ll sure be bang on trend with this look!


Tip #3

Are you a real fashion enthusiast?! Then this look will be something for you. It is a little bit (read: a lot) bolder then a day to day look. For the bottom we chose the forest green stretch pants with lines down the side. You can also go for a red pair of stretch pants to go even bolder with this look.

For the top we went for a light blue blouse that gives this look a softer touch. If you are VERY courageous, go for a vertically striped light blue blouse. The lines of the blouse will flow right into the sidelines of the trousers, wich will make it fit well together. But combined with the leopard coat, it is a very fashionable look that will definitly make people look twice.





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